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Micro-perforation allows to the support to be permeable to the fluid, to make easier a tear, to increase the flexibility of a material. Whatever the application, DEWILDE can make rings and counterparts of perforation (please see rubber cylinder) and thus providing you the quality of work that you were expecting.


Bague de Micro-perforationdemi coquille de micro perforationbague micro perforation

Our pieces are made on body (brass + steel, brass only, aluminium, steel only). We achieve rings, half-shell, parts with pins according to your needs. Our pins are made of hardened steel and grounded in order to ensure a very good perforation and as well as a life expectancy.

DEWILDE carries out micro perforation rings for Industries such as: Paper Industry, Plastic Industry, Tapes Industry etc … 

DEWILDE can also repairs all type of worn perforation parts, please do not hesitate to contact us for this kind of intervention.

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