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DEWILDE manufactures, supplies and refills all faller bars, stenter sinkers, flax combs, gills, doffer comb blades, top combs and feed plates.

DEWILDE is a sales representative of the Company Drei S Werk for pins and inserts.

Fallers Bars

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The quality of faller bars offered by DEWILDE is strictly equivalent to the quality offered by the manufacturer of machine. DEWILDE guarantee to his customers the same durability and the same mechanical strength as the original parts.

We can refill faller bars in all different ways (welded, pressed by force, stuck to the resin).

In order to refill your fall bars by yourself, with an easy implementation and high quality result, we can also provide plastic and resin inserts and the editing system too. Since several years we can also offer you disposable faller bars with pins over molded on a steel body.


Flac Combs

peignes lin

DEWILDE carries out the maintenance of the flax combs on plastic support, aluminium support, brass support or brass + wood support. We can achieve these combs with weakness density of pins for the first passage but also with pins or staples where the population can go up to more than 40 pins per inch.

Doffer combs blade

DEWILDE proposes doffer combs blade with teeth shaped “U” or “V” of 5,5  TPI (tips per inch) up to 18 TPI. Our blades are available in lengths from 1000 mm up to 3500 mm.

lames de peignes battants

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