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The apron lattices are slat conveyors used to carry and regulate the flow of textile material on the loaders. There are different types of apron lattices : Firstly : Loading apron lattices or horizontal without pins, secondly vertical apron lattices with pins (with a pitch from 10 mm to 50 mm) inclined at +/- 45° for going up the raw material and thirdly equalizing apron lattices where pins are inclined at 90°.

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Whatever the type of apron lattice, the slats which can be made either with wood (beech tree, niangon tree, ramin tree, birch tree, plywood) plastic or metal are put on driving belt or PVC strip (2 to 3 folds)


DEWILDE carries apron lattices for loaders and conveying. We carry also vertical apron lattices.

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Assembling of slats can be done in two different ways :

  • Traditional way: the slats are above the support.
  • Opposite way: the slats being below the PVC strip, this arrangement more complex allows an easy cleaning of the apron lattices. The cylinder control must be adapted in order to allow the driving of the apron lattices(adhesion or positive driving).

We use card pins which are tapered on one quarter on their length enabling a good resistance to efforts. Our pins are with hardened steel. It is also possible to provide pins with nickel surface treatment or use stainless steel pins when wet environment is required. All of our pins are made in Germany. 

For substances causing problems of clogging of the machine, we are making apron lattices with PU slats thermo-welded to the PVC band, providing a perfect seal and then limiting the risk of jamming of the machine and the conveyor too.

We ensure the production of any types of apron lattices, maintenance and repairs.

In addition we can propose doffer combs blade (please see other textile combs).



The staves are cylindrical combs set up on aluminium or wood supports

Douve bois LF

For wood staves, DEWILDE almost uses systematically compressed lamellated wood (our quality LF)

This resistant wood avoids initiation of breaking with the pins, even at high density. The pins can be implemented straight (according to the radius) or with an inclination (angle between the radius and the pins).

Like for the apron lattices, these staves can be reinforced to better withstand to the mechanical action of the fiber.

DEWILDE also realize aluminium staves from curved profiles of 08 mm to 10 mm thick.

We carry out staves at your convenience according to the type of your machine, material, dimensions of pins, quantities of pins etc…

The pins used are the Hackle pins tapered in half of their length providing a good compromise between resistance to efforts and penetration into the material. Our pins are hardened steel. It is also possible to make a nicker surface treatment or to put stainless steel pins to be used in wet environment. 

We suggest to our customers to set up the staves on their cylinders and the static and dynamic balancing which is required for rotating cylinders at high speeds.

Cylindre avec douves remis en etat

We ensure the production of any types of staves, maintenance and repairs.

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